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The Sprint 6 is a new power chair that has a small footprint , and the ability to turn in it’s own length.

Whilst there are many chairs of this style on the market, the Sprint-6 is far more stable than any of its rivals.

Seating packages are tailored to your exact needs, and The Sprint 6 is available with 2 speed options of 4 or 8 mph.

The 8 mph option comes with lights as standard and is already registered with the DVLA for road use.  

The Sprint-6 uses the new Dynamics LINX system which is the most advanced available.

Suitable for people up to 30 stones (200 kg) in weight it’s built to be strong, and takes all of the knocks of every day living.

This makes it the ideal chair for home, school, shopping or the workplace.

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Prices Start from:

£5495.00 ex vat